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Who am I?

My name is Phil Duncalfe and I am a husband and dad, a chaplain at a local university, and you can find out more about me at my personal blog that covers a wide range of topics about faith and life here:

Why study hell?

I've been studying the doctrine of hell on and off since some point in 2016 and I needed an outlet for my studying so I created a channel. The Hell Project will look at what the traditional view of hell is and why the view held by The Hell Project is a better way to understand the story of the bible, as well as a historic view held by the authors of the bible and the early church. The claims of Christianity in the victory over death that Jesus won on the cross and through his resurrection is good news and shows God is a God of love who rescues and will not torment those who reject him forever. In short, this view leads to confidence that the Gospel is in fact good news

You can see more of the back story here or see my initial study through the bible at the link below.

A Biblical View of Hell, by Phil Duncalfe.

How to support the site

I do this for free and am very happy to continue to do so to the extent that my videos will not be monetised if my youtube ever grows that big. If you'd like to buy my a coffee or donate to the channel, you can do so through paypal:

There are other ways you can support the work that I do beyond this project and you can find them here:

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