The Hell Project
The Hell Project
10 Reasons People Won't Burn in Hell Forever

10 Reasons People Won't Burn in Hell Forever

A conversation with Michael Pearce on why eternal torment isn't a feature of scripture and the good news found within.

Having started this channel I have made a few friends from around the world who have also come to view conditionalism due to scripture. Michael Pearce is one such friend and we're going to be discussing 10 reasons people won't burn in hell forever. To see more of the backstory of this channel, go here:

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The Back Story
I started studying hell a few years ago after a short discussion with a friend of mine having just seen 'Rethinking Hell' on his bookcase. Soon after, I started a theology and leadership course run b…
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I do this for free and am very happy to continue to do so to the extent that my videos will not be monetised if my youtube ever grows that big. If you'd like to support what I do or just stay up to date with the resources I create you can do so here:

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The Hell Project
The Hell Project
"Without Jesus we are all dead"
I discuss the bible and conditional immortality. This is the biblical view that shows that rejecting the author of life leads to death and not an existence of eternal torment.
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