The Hell Project
The Hell Project
A Conversation with Chris Date (Rethinking Hell) - Live Stream

A Conversation with Chris Date (Rethinking Hell) - Live Stream

Chris Date has been engaging with the hell debate for a number of years having edited the book, Rethinking Hell ( and become the face of Rethinking Hell Live on youtube ( 

We'll be chatting about hell, the book of Revelation and whatever else comes up in the course of the conversation.   

Chris references an article he has written (but gave two titles in the chat) here:

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I do this for free and am very happy to continue to do so to the extent that my videos will not be monetised if my youtube ever grows that big. If you’d like to support the channel you can do so through a paid subscription on substack. Alternatively use and both donate and earn Bitcoin while you listen!


0:00 Introduction and summary of video
3:00 Chris shares his testimony
10:30 Chris shares his journey to rethinking hell
21:28 Phil shares his journey in rethinking hell
28:12 Chris gives a summary of the conditionalist view of Revelation 14 verse 11
36:29 Follow up and conversation on Revelation 14
38:00 Engagement with GK Beale's (traditional view of hell) commentary on Revelation 14
42:00 Why is eternal torment used to symbolise destruction?
43:50 What does Revelation 14 verse 11 mean by 'have no rest'?
47:00 More engagement with GK Beale's defense of the traditional view of Revelation 14
49:30 What does smoke represent?
50:30 Is annihilation a soft punishment? People obviously seek death when faced with great suffering.  
58:40 A look at Revelation 20:10-15
1:14:00 A look at the definition of death
1:21:00 Final question and conclusions

The Hell Project
The Hell Project
"Without Jesus we are all dead"
I discuss the bible and conditional immortality. This is the biblical view that shows that rejecting the author of life leads to death and not an existence of eternal torment.
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