Jun 21, 2021 • 1HR 0M

A Conversation with Michael Jones (Inspiring Philosophy) - What is hell?

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The Hell Project
"Without Jesus we are all dead" I discuss the bible and conditional immortality. This is the biblical view that shows that rejecting the author of life leads to death and not an existence of eternal torment. For other resources and scripts to non-live videos from me, see the website: https://thehellproject.substack.com/ If you want to buy me a coffee you can pay for a subscription on substack or use Paypal here: https://PayPal.me/philduncalfe or listen on https://fountain.fm/
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**As one of my first streams, I had some pretty annoying technical glitches but I hope you enjoy the conversation!** 

Inspiring Philosophy is an excellent channel with a library full of videos on all sorts of theological, apologetic and philosophical topics. The channel points people to Jesus and Michael Jones, the creator of these videos, is clearly a gifted debater and theologian. He has also created a video on hell. I thought I'd have a conversation with him about it as it is one of the only videos on his channel that I outright disagree on given that it mostly leans on CS Lewis and Luke 16 for its view.   

If you're looking for a debate, I'm not expecting this to be that. More a conversation between two guys who love Jesus and the bible and want to discuss what it says about God's judgement.   

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