Recommended Resources

Over the years I’ve read a lot and learnt from many who have gone before. I’ll be gradually adding to this page over time. (Book links do include Amazon affiliate links if you want to support the channel in that way).


  • The Fire That Consumes (Third Edition) - Edward Fudge

    • This is a tour de force of exegesis and must be read as the vast majority of responses have misrepresented arguments or misrepresented Fudge’s character. To help introduce Fudge, watch this lecture:

  • Rethinking Hell, Essays in Evangelical Conditionalism - Edited Chris Date.

    • This and The Fire that Consumes above cover the main arguments for conditionalism and both remain relevant as traditionalists have failed to engage with the arguments. This book includes essays from multiple authors and covers a variety of theological issues, not just exegetical ones, in defence of conditionalism.

  • Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment - Edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson.

    • This is set up to be the most robust defence of the traditional view of Hell and includes essays by people like J.I. Packer, Robert Peterson, Christopher Morgan, and several other evangelical bible scholars. I put this on the list as it is the ‘best’ defence of the position but it is also one of the reasons I became a conditionalist.

  • The Evangelical Universalist: The Biblical Hope That God's Love Will Save us All - Gregory Macdonald (a.k.a Robin Parry)

    • This is one of the best defences of Christian universalism which does not deny the authority of scripture nor the reality of God’s judgement or the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. It makes a scriptural case that the fire’s of what we have come to know as ‘hell’, refine, rather than endlessly torment or totally destroy.

  • Four Views on Hell: Second Edition (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology) - Edited by Preston Sprinkle

    • An excellent introduction to the three major views and a fourth ‘middle ground’ view that is more akin to purgatory. For those who don’t know, Preston Sprinkle co-wrote Erasing Hell (which is also worth a read) with Francis Chan. While Erasing Hell concluded with a traditional view, Preston is now a conditionalist.


  • Rethinking Hell is the go to website for defending conditionalism. The essays and podcast are excellent and offer both a positive case for conditionalism and a robust critique of mostly traditional arguments though there are engagements with universalism on there too.

  • is a fantastic resource for book reviews and summaries and further defences of conditional immortality. I’ve found this site helpful in highlighting the history of conditionalism and the robust arguments made centuries before ours. Conditionalism is definitely NOT a new idea or term!


I have a YouTube Playlist of videos I’ve found helpful with understanding scripture better while also defending Conditional Immortality. The first one is below.

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