The Hell Project
The Hell Project
What is the Hell Project?

What is the Hell Project?

When was the last time that you heard a sermon on hell in your church? 

I've been studying hell on and off since some point in 2016 and I needed an outlet for my studying so I created a channel. The Hell Project will look at what the traditional view of hell is and why the view held by The Hell Project is a better way to understand the story of the bible and the victory over death that Jesus won on the cross and through his resurrection.   

Come and learn about a core doctrine of Christianity with me where I will defend the view that without Jesus, we're all dead.  

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The Back Story
I started studying hell a few years ago after a short discussion with a friend of mine having just seen 'Rethinking Hell' on his bookcase. Soon after, I started a theology and leadership course run b…
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This is the audio from my youtube channel and this intro was published in July 2019. Want to hear more about the view before the videos come out? Check out

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The Hell Project
The Hell Project
"Without Jesus we are all dead"
I discuss the bible and conditional immortality. This is the biblical view that shows that rejecting the author of life leads to death and not an existence of eternal torment.
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