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I've started responding to youtube videos using live streaming. This does save time in terms of a script and editing a video but it does mean that some arguments may lose their weight. I'm looking to do a few interviews with others from varying perspectives over the next few months as well. You can see the first two live streams here:

Response to Bill Wiese, Author of 23 Minutes in Hell:

Bill seems like a nice enough guy who loves Jesus but as a preacher to thousands he is in danger of leading people astray. He states he had never studied hell prior to his 'visit' which I think is telling. His experiences sounds exactly like a cultural and non-biblical view of hell that has been highly influenced by Dante's Inferno. He then proceeds to take verse after verse out of context to both prove his vision and his experience. The end result is a confusing mess of theology both in his understanding of Sheol and Hades in comparison to Gehenna and in his understanding of God's sovereignty. He also teaches that demons are in control of tormenting the lost which is highly problematic.

Response to John MacArthur, preacher and pastor of Grace Community Church in California:

John has a huge following both through his church and his radio program. This video was linked to me by one of the first youtube commenters I received (who incidentally told me to stop deceiving people) as a rebuttal to my videos. I find John misrepresents the conditionalist view and many of his arguments against the view actually prove to be arguments for the view especially when he starts discussing the Greek word translated as destroy in Matthew 10:28. John lacks grace to much of the Christian world outside his church and this doesn't really endear me to his preaching. I try to remain gracious but I do think for someone who claims to have read 'The Fire that Consumes' by Edward Fudge, he really should know better.

As I get used to running the live streams I will be setting them up with a bit more notice so that people can join in and potentially ask questions in the live chat as we go. Watch this space!

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